Wednesday, January 20, 2010

twenty ten.

Antique Perfume Bottle necklaces from Czechoslovakia $149

Azalia Medieval Necklace $135

Monday, December 21, 2009

Azalia Jewellery Collection

Launch in Feb @ Fashion Exposed

Azalia 'Star of David' Medallion

The Cats Meow.

In Store now. Dec 09

Vintage 80's sheer tassle dress

Bra by Staple the label
pants - vintage

Finders keepers chain mail maxi

Finders keepers Maxi

Top - vintage
Bag- vintage glomesh
Denim leggings - lollipop

bustier- vintage
shorts - vintage

Finders keepers boho dress

Finders keepers dress

Finders keepers dress

Finders keepers dress

Vintage jumpsuit
Vintage mickey mouse belt

Finders keepers 'guilded rose' strapless dress
vintage belt

Finders keepers 'guilded rose' dress
Studded belt - Vintage

Vintage dress
Vintage belt

Vintage Jumpsuit

The Butchers Room.

Aug 09

A Rainy Day.

June 09